Affiliate Relationship Disclosure

When you come to I want you to be able to find the best deals, and save the most amount of money that you can. In order for me to do this I, Kim Ramirez spend time researching and confirming deals at various stores to provide you with. Some of the deals that I find talk about products sold by merchants who have an affiliate program. In these circumstances I may refer you through an affiliate link (a clickable link in the blog) where you will be directed to a website where you can choose to buy a product. When you click on these affiliate links I will be compensated, usually a minuscule amount, for you clicking on the link, or buying a product I referred you to. This compensation is paid by the merchant to whom I referred you to. You are never charged anything for clicking on an affiliate link, and pay nothing for being referred to a product, or for using I work very hard to find deals for you, and affiliate program compensation ensures that I can take the time from my family to find those deals. 

Compensation received from affiliate programs will never influence deals that are written for Bargin Bombshells. Everything that I share is content that I trust and believe in. In all of our blog posts that have affiliate links, I have disclosed “This Post May Contain Affiliate Links”. You are not required or obligated to click on any link or buy any products referred to you, and do so by your own volition. 

Please note that Kimberly Ramirez may be compensated if you choose to click on links located throughout the content on the website.