Welcome to the Egg Drop!! The game that will make you want to rip out your hair, scream, throw your phone, and not sleep until you find it! Every day we drop an egg somewhere on our website and if you find it first you win a cash prize! 

To participate, just visit this page each day when our winner announcement has been posted on Facebook. You will find a hint below to help you get started on the next hunt. You may have to solve a riddle, a puzzle, a wordsearch or any other brain teaser to get to the egg. The key is to not to give up, and to challenge yourself to think outside the box!


1. If you find an egg you will need to send us a screenshot of the egg, and you can do so by emailing eggdrop@bargainbombshell.com. A real egg will always have a special number attached! 

2. If you find the egg you cannot share its location or give hints to anyone outside of your household. If you do and we find out, you may lose your prize.

3. The top 10 people who found the egg will be announced in a post on our Bargain Bombshells Facebook group. First place wins a cash prize. The rest of the top 10 will win an advantage in the next game. The prize amount varies from egg to egg, and more challenging hunts may offer a cash prize to 2nd and 3rd place winners as well.

4. You can only win a cash prize once every three egg drops, but you can win an advantage every egg drop.

5. All prizes will be paid through Paypal or Venmo, and you will be paid out once we announce our winners. 

6. You will find hints to starting your journey here every day, and although we can answer questions for you, we cannot answer a question that gives anyone an unfair advantage. 

3/20 Egg:

Click here, and shop ’til you drop!

3/19 Egg:

Click here

  1. Look at new posts, starting now!
  2. Assemble your poem using 6 posts.
  3. Call out the eggs like bingo, or battleship.
  4. Careful, this is our longest password ever so it’s easy to type it wrong!

3/15 Egg:

Click here

  1. Stay tuned for new posts on the home page!
  2. The links in the pictures are the same as the links in the posts.
  3. Look here for the solution.

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